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Financing and Dental Benefits

At Square One Dental we offer our full co-operation in making the most effective use of your dental benefit coverage. Our administrative staff will be glad to complete and forward dental claims for our patients. Many dental claims may be submitted electronically which greatly decreases time required to process payment of the claims. We can assist patients with general queries they may have regarding dental benefits. If your dental plan requires a "pre-determination of benefits" the staff will submit the necessary information for review by the benefit provider.

Our Treatment Coordinator will gladly review your options for treatment as well as a variety or payment options and outside financing plans available.

In most instances, with a credit card number provided on file to cover any remaining balances, it is possible to have the portion of the dental treatment which the benefit provider contributes directly assigned to the dental office. With the introduction of PIPEDA (the federal privacy act) our ability to help patients with benefit problems has been greatly hindered. Our staff will still endeavour to provide assistance and offer advice to the best of their ability.

At Square One Dental there are several payment options available to our patients. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Interac, cash and cheques.

You will find links to the most common benefit providers on this page. These pages provide the policy holder with very useful policy and claims information. You may need to speak directly to your employer or benefit provider for account and password information to access the site.

CLICK on your insurance provider's logo below and their website will open in a new window:

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